What is Collections?

Collections is a repository for collections of materials curated by CASTAC members. Each collection is a webpage that stores collections of materials—such as bibliographies, syllabi, archives, photo galleries, multimodal art and writing, or playlists. We’ve left “collections” intentionally open-ended to allow our members to get creative with the idea. These collections are for teaching, learning, starting conversations, and sharing ideas within the CASTAC community and beyond.

Submit a Collection

Step 1: Notify the web producer that you have an idea for a collection via email at webmaster@castac.org. This will ensure that we can adequately support your project

Step 2: Organize your collection. (Maybe get some colleagues to collaborate!)

Step 3: Work with the web producer to get your collection added to the site.

Step 4: Celebrate and share your work!

While many collections will be linking to outside sources, we know that not all valuable resources have a home online. So, we can host materials as long as we have space for them and they are properly licensed for us to share. (Sorry, we cannot share materials that are copyrighted or have licenses that restrict our hosting.)